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H.R.H. Prince Juan (Ioane) De Bagration-Mukhrani
The founder of the Georgian Foundation, H.R.H. Prince Juan (Ioane) Bagration-Mukhrani is a member of the Georgian Royal Family, and the descender of the Bagrationi and Borbon Royal Dynasties. In 2014, Prince Juan decided to return to Georgia, his homeland, as he had always wished. Prince Juan and his wife Princess Kristine are most happy to be based in their homeland, where they aspire to be able to contribute to the further development of their country.

H.R.H. Princess Kristine De Bagration-Mukhrani

H.R.H. Princess Kristine De Bagration-Mukhrani – Prince Juan Bagration-Mukhrani’s wife is the co-founder of the Georgian Foundation. In parallel to her university education, in the faculties of Sociology and International Relations. Princess Kristine worked in Paris as a model for Haute Couture brands such as Christian Dior, while in Paris she also studied French language and civilization at the School of Sorbonne. Princess Kristine's love for the arts and culture has always been an important impact on her life. She was thus deeply motivated to develop a platform to support education in Georgia, promote Georgian culture, and help people in need.



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Our mission is to contribute to the development of our country by supporting education, culture, and social projects in Georgia. The Georgian Foundation aims to raise awareness through active participation in the social and cultural life of our country. We believe we can create a new reality; thus, our mission is to activate our potential and encourage compassion for our communities. Our goals are based on a deep appreciation for ancient Georgian culture and history; on the basis of this profound respect, we have created a reliable, transparent platform through which we introduce Georgian culture and arts to the world, support young, talented people, and provide timely help those in need.

Our society is the pillar of our Foundation. We believe that everyones involvement is of great importance as all our good efforts reflect in positive change for our society. Our active participation will bring us closer together.


We are guided by the belief that education is the main path to our country's development. By supporting talented, capable, and motivated individuals, we are building a solid foundation for Georgia's successful future.

The aim of our Foundation is to promote Georgian culture through a broad range of programs, activities, and projects. Since, culture is one of the key priorities for preserving Georgian identity, personal development , and national heritage.

We strive to contribute in the progress of our community by strengthening our society and ensuring a sustainable and brighter future for all of us.

Our Story

The origin of the Georgian Foundation is closely related to a lifetime decision – when Prince Juan Bagration-Mukhrani decided to return to his ancestral roots and settle in Georgia. Due to the forced exile of his family, Prince Juan had to live far from his homeland. His deep love for Georgia has been the basis to establish a charity foundation in 2014, and to follow the long-lasting path of his family.

Prince Juan’s wife, Princess Kristine became his main supporter to make his dream come true. Through their mutual efforts, they have established a Foundation that aims to have a positive impact and contribute to the future of Georgia. Throughout the last six years of our existence, we have initiated and supported various charity activities and cultural events. Today, the Georgian Foundation is expanding while maintaining a distinctive focus on education, culture and social projects.

The Advisory Board is in charge of the conceptual development of the Foundation, the Board consists of international professionals and of close friends of the founders. The raising of global funds is mainly ensured by the work of the ambassadors who represent our Foundation internationally.

The Foundation released a documentary film about Mr. Levan Tsutskiridze, an outstanding Georgian man, artist and a remarkable successor of Georgian artistic traditions. Our decision to introduce his work through the medium of film was guided by the aim of reaching out to wide audiences around the world. We also assisted a Georgian student and aspiring artist Nikol Bartsitsi in arranging a personal exhibition. Nikol is originally from Abkhazia, an occupied region of Georgia, and by organizing her exhibition, we were pleased to help the emerging artist to shed light on her work. In addition, our Foundation supports students in the implementation of their initiatives and ideas which allows them to organize various cultural activities. We also stand with public and charitable associations to raise funds and ensure a better reality for children deprived of care and the elderly in need. In the unpredictable times caused by COVID-19, we have been able to help 124 Georgian citizens who were left abroad without any financial means to return to their homeland. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and financed through our international fundraising campaign, the Foundation purchased flight tickets for stranded Georgian citizens and helped others with accommodation and meals for 14 days.